Prince William and Big G arrived at Buckingham Palace together, without the other members of House Cambridge, at the Queen’s Christmas lunch last week and now we know why. Will and Big G joined Her Majesty and Prince Charles for a photo shoot in support of the Royal British Legion’s “Together at Christmas” initiative, to make Christmas puddings. 


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Now we also might have some idea why Big G had a face on that day when they pulled up:


All the other kids get to play, why am I the only one hanging out with the olds and cooking for peasants?!

Obviously, for British monarchists, this is a total money shot. Whenever the sovereign hangs out with her three heirs, it’s a big deal. This is their brand: stability, continuity, legacy. And while in past years, we heard all about how William wanted to delay his birthright for as long as possible, in recent times he’s clearly seemed a lot more willing and comfortable flexing in his position as the next Prince of Wales and, eventually, the King. Most royal watchers have predicted that the children of House Cambridge will join their parents this year in Sandringham when the family walks to church. Everyone has to pitch in to cleanse our palettes of Prince Andrew’s dreadfully embarrassing Jeffrey Epstein situation. 

By the way, have you seen the Cambridge 2019 Christmas card? Here’s Gary Janetti’s reading of it:


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This one is probably my favourite of all the Cambridge cards. Because of Charlotte’s boss pose and the way she’s tilting her head to the side. She’s the one who’d be great at TikTok, if she’s ever allowed to, and if TikTok and Instagram are still around by then.