If it wasn’t the Drake and Kendrick insanity this weekend blowing up my phone, it was messages about The Idea of You; even though we don’t get streaming numbers like we do box office reports, going by social media, a LOT of people were watching…again and again and again.


On TikTok there are several The Idea of You related posts that have exceeded over half a million views. Like this one:


Hey hey now 🤭🤪 #annehathaway #nicholasgalitzine #theideaofyou #theideaofyoumovie

♬ original sound - Sterling | 🌷📖🍉

And here’s one from Twitter that also picked up a lot of traffic because… same: 


Also this made me laugh: 


ANYWAYYYYY, this is the consensus: we are all in love with Anne Hathaway, she is mother, she is c-nt, she is all of it, and tonight she might take a victory lap at the Met Gala and rule over it for the second year in a row because her Versace in 2023 was one of the f-cking best. 


And since her stylist is posting reels like this, it’s a good bet that Annie will be there? 

Here’s Annie over the weekend with her husband Adam Shulman at Derek Blasberg’s birthday dinner. With his hair longer like this, is Adam Shulman giving grey Adam Neumann, LOL. God she was spectacular on that show too.