Dear Gossips, 

I will watch Saturday Night Live this weekend, because I watch every weekend, but I am much more excited about next weekend. 


Because yesterday they announced the host and musical guest: 

Like, I would never, ever want to be friends with the person who’s going to complain about that combination, you know? 


It should be Ayo. And I say this because I feel like there would have been a time, not too long ago, coming out of a hit television series like The Bear, where they would have gone with Jeremy Allen White first. I’m not saying that all the change has happened and we can wrap it up, everything’s been fixed, but for SNL and pop culture, this is progress. As famous as JAW has become because of The Bear, Ayo’s star has also ascended. And it SHOULD be Ayo, of course, for SNL because she comes to it with alllll the qualifications. 


Ayo is a standup comic and an improv performer. She is also a comedy writer. And on top of that, an actor. She is one of the brightest stars of the moment and of the future moments. Because I think we all get the sense that Ayo is just getting started, and already she’s this f-cking good. 

Which is why I can’t wait to see what she brings to SNL and how she challenges SNL to bring it for her since what they’re working with in Ayo is pretty much what everyone at SNL aspires to be – which is all the things. Including… Irish, LOL. 


It’s been the running joke for a year now and if you’re not familiar, this is the video:


No thoughts… just Ayo Edebiri as Jenny the Donkey #fyp #foryou #letterboxd #sxsw #ayoedebiri #movie #film #filmtok #bansheesofinisherin #irish

♬ original sound - Letterboxd

And that’s why Ireland has claimed her as one of its own. You think the accent and Jenny-Ayo will show up next week at SNL? I really, really hope so. 

Yours in gossip,