The box office this weekend will be interesting to watch because so far, at least from what I’ve read, no one really knows which movie will come out on top. Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is opening alongside The Black Phone but Jurassic World Dominion is of course still attracting audiences as is… Top Gun: Maverick, in its FIFTH week! There is actually a chance that Maverick could return to #1 because it’s still performing so well, as well as any superhero, better in some cases. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, especially if you’ve seen the film, does check a lot of superhero boxes. He has a sad dad story. It takes him a while to fully harness his superpowers. He has a signature move and obviously he can always be counted on to save the day. 


I’m focusing on the superhero energy here because Elvis Presley was obsessed with superheroes. This comes up in the movie – Elvis’s fascination with comic books, how he would dream of becoming one, and in his own way he did. Elvis did have super performance powers, he could command large audiences just with his eyes, that was his x-ray vision, rousing crowds into a frenzy just by flicking his hair, or bringing them to silence just by lifting a hand. Can Elvis be a superhero at the box office? The projections are ranging between $30-35 million with some saying it’s possible the film could get to over $40 million. 

Sarah will have a proper review of the movie tomorrow because it’s impossible for me to be objective. I’ve seen Elvis once, I intend to see it again this weekend. As Sarah will be able to express more articulately than I can, no doubt, what the flaws are. But even still, for me personally, given how invested I am in this story, in spite of the film’s problems, at no point did I disengage; it was impossible for me to disengage. Not when Austin Butler is making past Elvis my present. That, probably, is the first takeaway for me with the movie: I’ve been into Elvis since the summer before my eleventh birthday, I’ve watched almost everything he ever did, and I’ve imagined all the things he did that weren’t captured on camera. I was too young to have been THERE when Elvis did the things that he did and what this movie gives me is the chance to experience it as if I was. 


More on Elvis tomorrow and in the days to come – for now, here are Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, and Elvis’s granddaughters Riley Keough and Harper and Finley Lockwood at the Hand and Footprint ceremony the other day in Hollywood cementing the Presley family legacy. And it’s 100% fitting that they are part of it that legacy because it was Priscilla who rescued Elvis’s legacy. This is indisputable. She’s the businesswoman superhero who rebuilt Elvis’s legend. And one of the strengths of the film, even though there’s still not enough of her in the story, is that we see glimpses of Priscilla’s intelligence and savvy along the way. 

As well reported, Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and Riley are all in with their support of Baz Luhrmann’s project and Austin Butler’s performance. Their endorsement has been a big part of the hype for the movie. Because there’s a whole new generation about to meet Elvis for the first time, a whole new generation that will keep the Elvis empire going and going and going.