Dear Gossips,     

Happy New Year!

I had a moment of disbelief just now as I created a new file on my laptop labelled “2024”. Really?! How are we already 24 years past the year 2000?! It just keeps speeding by, and there’s no time to waste, because we’re back from break and just as it was before the break, as celebrities rushed out all the promotion they could in the final weeks of 2023 to make up for what they lost during the strike, we’re kicking off the new year on the same frantic pace. 


The Palm Springs Film Festival starts on Thursday – yet another award season campaign stop as the SAG Award nomination voting period is still ongoing, with those nominations set to be announced a week from tomorrow which is one day before Oscar nomination voting begins. And of course it’s the Golden Globes on Sunday, not the most prestigious or valuable award but the timing of the show can factor into Oscar voting, because it’s basically publicity. 


From there it’s an award show traffic jam. The Critics Choice Awards are happening a week after the Globes and the strike-delayed Emmys are the very next night, Monday. For those of us who follow and cover entertainment, then, the next two weeks are going to be stupidly busy. Actually never mind the next two weeks… it’s the next two months until the Oscars in mid-March. No, no, that’s not right either because right after the Oscars is when the box office picks up so my point is… 

…if last year was any indication with how much gossip we got and amidst a strike that took up several months, it’s going to be that much more frenetic in 2024. Even without the TNT of it all. And, well, the TNT is still sizzling. 

I hope you’re well rested!


And, of course, most importantly, I hope Beyoncé is well rested. Our Queen was super high key in 2023. Will 2024 be a quiet one? Or will we be blessed with back-to-back primetime Beyoncé years? She did say that the RENAISSANCE project would be three acts. Are we getting the second act … soon? It’s only the second day of the new year and already I’m a clown. But that’s what will never change, no matter how many flips of the calendar: Beyoncé will always occupy the most real estate in my brain. And she actually gave us some new photos for the new year. I’m taking this to mean she’s still platinum to start 2024. 

Yours in gossip,