Dear Gossips,  

The Met Gala is the big story in entertainment right now. Almost everyone is in New York ahead of tonight’s event but…is Beyoncé in New York for tonight’s event? 


The Met Gala is a fashion event and Beyoncé’s last Instagram post was fashion – the RENAISSANCE Couture collaboration with Balmain and Olivier Rousteing.


Will she be premiering one of the looks from the collection tonight at the Met Gala? Or is she saving it for the tour…  



And while we haven’t seen Beyoncé in weeks, and while her whereabouts are always kept undercover, we can probably safely assume that she’s been in rehearsal – because if it’s one thing we do know about the Queen, it’s that she is always prepared. That the show is always a showstopper, a cultural reset, the bar will be lifted again…  

Given that this tour is in support of a dance album? We’ve been waiting for it…but I’m not sure we’re ready. I’m not sure it’s even possible to be ready.  

To go back to tonight though, and whether or not she’ll make an appearance – Olivier Rousteing was headed for New York this weekend and Beyoncé’s stylist, Marni Senofonte, has also been spotted in the city. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be there for sure, because our Queen is unknowable, but if we’re looking for signs, these could point to maybe, possibly …yes?  

Attached: Beyoncé at the Gala in 2016. 

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