Jennifer Lopez is currently in New York, working on Shades Of Blue. Last night she stepped out for dinner with Alex Rodriguez. Tonight… well… if she’s not shooting…

It’s the MET Gala. JLO has attended a few MET Galas in her time. She was last at the MET Gala in 2015. We didn’t see her there in 2016. You know who was there though last year? ARod. With his then girlfriend, tech CEO Anne Wojcicki.

Anne Wojcicki is a big deal and she’s wealthy and connected. But JLO’s fame is on a different level. Showing up to the MET Gala with JLO would be on a different level. There’s no doubt in my mind that he wants to show up to the MET Gala with JLO. No doubt. ARod hasn’t had it this good in years. If they’re going together though, I’m not sure JLO’s the one to watch for the fashion theme. JLO isn’t exactly Rei Kawakubo’s aesthetic. Comme Des Garcons is not Zuhair Murad.

In other JLO news, her new dance competition show, World Of Dance, premieres next Monday on NBC. A new trailer for World Of Dance just dropped this morning.

I love dance movies. Any dance movie. In my imagination, I’m on the dancers in You Got Served. I love watching people dance. I’m probably going to watch this show. But… the voiceover is super f-cking corny. Not that that matters. The voiceover isn’t part of what we’ll be seeing. The tone though, the tone is sets is important though. And JLO is such an involved producer on her projects, I wonder what the decision there was all about, if this was the tone she wanted to set. And if so…why?