Mel B was on The Real this morning. And… she was asked about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding. Just watch what happened and what she said: 

Spice Girls. 


And no denial as to whether or not they’d be performing. 


Spice Girls > Ed Sheeran, COME ONNNNNNN!!!

This makes sense. It makes so much sense. There’s history here!

Look at little Harry holding hands with Victoria and grinning at Baby and Scary!

OF COURSE he would have the Spice Girls at his wedding. He’s probably dreamed about it since he was a kid. And can you imagine how it would be for Meghan? She would have grown up when the Spice Girls were Girl Powering. Now… the Spice Girls will be AT HER WEDDING!?!? 

I mean, she’s not officially going to be a princess. But this is a f-cking fairy tale, non?