Selena Gomez was in LA this weekend for The Weeknd’s show at The Forum. Here she is today arriving at her hotel in NYC ahead of the tonight’s MET Gala. I’m curious to see what she’ll be wearing tonight and how she’ll interpret the theme. She was in overalls at Abel’s show on Saturday…

…and VOGUE’s pointing out that she’s already kinda doing the Rei Kawakubo thing, with the wide leg pants today.

Selena works with Coach so it’s very possible that she’ll be repping the brand tonight. Coach lately though has been kinda giving me a Gucci-lite vibe. Alessandro Michele, at Gucci, can definitely get “avant-garde”, but I don’t know if I see it from Coach.

Abel’s next show is tomorrow, in Phoenix. Not sure if he’ll make it with Selena tonight but last year he was there and this is what that looked like:

The Weeknd in LA last year

Bella, Gigi, Anwar, and Yolanda Hadid are all expected at the MET Gala so who’s going to be the faction backing up Selena? And who’s managing arrival times to make sure they’re well separated…or NOT well separated?

Other notable gossip potentials: Frances Bean Cobain and Paris Jackson are both attending their first MET Galas. It is officially time for the next generation.

Also, remember when Kathleen wrote about Rihanna and Lupita last week? (Link) Both are on the guest list. WE NEED THIS PICTURE. WE F-CKING NEED IT SO BAD.

And finally, as I predicted last week, Gwyneth Paltrow is apparently on the guest list. You’ll recall, on Friday it was announced that goop and Conde Nast are going into business together to produce a quarterly wellness magazine. You’ll also recall, the last time G was at the MET Gala was for Punk Night, in 2013, and she complained afterwards that it was too crowded and she didn’t have a good time. Anna Wintour supposedly cut down the guest list this year. How many people can bitch about the MET Gala and not only survive …but get invited back?