Dear Gossips,   

Six days to go now until the Oscars and this weekend was the 10th anniversary of one of the most viral moments in Oscar history – it was the infamous Oscar selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres: 


I love looking back at occasions like these, not just to see how the image itself has aged but how the reaction to it has changed. Back then, it was an internet breaker. Which is why immediately afterwards so many people tried to replicate it, thereby reducing the specialness of each subsequent imitation but, perhaps, the original itself. Is that how it is with art? When a painting is reproduced so many times, do the facsimiles degrade the effect of the original? 


What’s less seen, and copied, is the live action that preceded the taking of the selfie – because, of course, this is motion and behaviour. I forgot that Jennifer Lawrence asked for photo approval, LOLOLOLOL. And that Ellen initially asked Meryl Streep of all people to actually take it. Look at Bradley Cooper directing, and this was before A Star Is Born. I do, however, remember that it was Lupita’s brother, Peter, who took full advantage – he’s our proxy in this situation. 

What will be the viral moment of the Oscars on Sunday? And how will we look back on it a decade later? I can’t wait. I f-cking love the Oscars… and now it’s finally Oscar week!

Yours in gossip,