The Met Gala is Monday. Blake Lively, a frequent Met Gala star, is co-hosting. What will she wear, and will it top her 2018 “Heavenly Bodies” Versace gown? It’s not that I love that dress the most, but it was SUCH a good interpretation of the theme. (Go Fug Yourself)


The Weeknd is making an HBO series with Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, and it’s a mess. They’ve already shot several episodes and now they’re going back to the drawing board to start over, maybe because The Weeknd feels the show isn’t enough about him. That is one kind of messy, and reworking a series after you’ve shot episodes is another kind of messy. HBO used to be famous for shooting expensive pilots then sh-t-canning them (see also: Game of Thrones), but the last several years have seen a more fiscally conservative approach to development. Anyway, what is going on in Hollywood lately that everyone is running into these kinds of problems AFTER they’ve already started production?! (DListed)

People need to stop speculating about what’s going to happen when Queen Elizabeth II dies. 1) It’s macabre, 2) nobody knows what Prince Harry, or anyone else in Britain’s #1 dysfunctional family, will do when the time comes for Charles’s coronation, and 3) have you never heard of curses? What kind of evil are you inviting into that old lady’s life! (Celebitchy)


The inimitable Kayleigh Donaldson breaks down Alexander Skarsgard’s physical appeal, and how it wields his physicality to inform his characters. (Pajiba)

Elon Musk’s potential takeover of Twitter threatens to ruin the platform for good, so let us remember all the times the bird app was good and fun and a perfect way to slack off while still looking engaged at work. (Intelligencer)

And now, in a shameless act of self-promotion, let me tell you about the Chicago Critics Film Festival. I’m a programmer, and the lineup this year is TREMENDOUS. Comedy, drama, horror, Keanu—we have it all. The fest takes place at Chicago’s legendary Music Box Theater on May 13-19. Tickets are now on sale. If you’re in the area, come watch a movie with us.