Princess Kate stepped out today to attend the Magic Mums community Christmas party at Rugby Portobello Trust in London. As I mentioned earlier in the Meghan Markle post, Prince William and Kate released their official engagement portraits exactly 7 years ago today on December 12, 2010. I wonder if she remembers that? 

As we know, Meghan is expected to join the royal family at Sandringham for Christmas, even though it’s not usually protocol because she and Prince Harry aren’t married yet. F-ck protocol when Harry’s been getting his way with everything. And what Harry wants is for his fiancée to not be alone for their first Christmas as an engaged couple, especially since her family isn’t based in England. 

Supposedly he and Meghan will stay with Will and Kate at Anmer Hall from December 24-26. They’ll attend church service together with the senior royals on Christmas Day before heading for family dinner where three turkeys will apparently be prepared, with one of those turkeys being sent up to the nursery for Big G and Charlotte and the other royal babies. This is very civilised, separating the children from the adults for the holiday meal. Parents, you can try to convince me until you’ve run out of oxygen about how much you love having your kids around while everyone is eating but I don’t believe you and it’s OK. It’s OK to say that you’d love just an hour to eat, in peace, while your children are occupied elsewhere. Nobody will judge you here when your prioritise your food.

As for what it will be like when Meghan and Harry are at Anmer Hall, I mean, they’re already neighbours-ish at Kensington Palace and, to me, this is a brilliant move on Kate’s part. You know why? Because now she has an extra body to handle her children. Let Meghan deal with Big G’s afternoon destruction. Kate will be upstairs taking a nap. 

Many of you have written over the last few weeks with your thoughts not on Meghan and Harry but on Meghan and Kate and what their relationship will be like now that Meghan’s completed the final corner of their royal square. Will they be close? Will Meghan make Kate less boring? Will it be like Diana and Fergie all over again until they get told off? Definitely not. They’ve made Kate the opposite of Diana in most ways. And besides, their situations are totally different. 

I like to think of Kate and Meghan like this: you can’t play a player. 

Kate changed schools to attend St Andrews, like hundreds of other young women at the time, for a chance at meeting the prince. And she was the one. Think of all that’s been written about the Middletons since then. How they prepared for this. How they positioned themselves for it. And now consider what many people are saying about Meghan. That she posed in front of Buckingham Palace as a teenager and it was bullsh-t what she claimed in their interview about not knowing much about Harry because clearly she’s a schemer, is how the haters want to hate. As if anyone in her position, all of us included, wouldn’t have had that on our minds if we’d had the opportunity to meet Harry and maybe have him be interested in us. 

Still. Player meet player. On the one hand, it’s “I know your game because I played your game”. On the other hand it’s, “I know you know this game because you played it first”. That could make for two formidable allies.