Catherine Cambridge rarely does interviews. On the last day of House Cambridge’s tour of Pakistan, we’re getting an interview. Before that though, let’s talk about the last 24 hours, because it was terrifying. Their plane encountered such bad turbulence on the way to Islamabad that they had to abort two landings and return to Lahore. There is nothing that slows down time like turbulence and all of a sudden, you belong to every religion. 

Thankfully everything worked out and after a few changes to the schedule, Prince William and Kate visited with the good boys and girls at the Army Canine Centre to tour the facility where dogs are trained to identify explosives. Dogs are the f-cking best. 

Speaking of dogs though…


You know how the British media was all pissed because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wouldn’t tell them the name of their new dog or the names of Archie’s godparents? Why aren’t they asking how Lupo’s doing? Don’t they want to know about Lupo? 

Another two good looks from Kate today and that’s a wrap on the tour so it’s a perfect score on the wardrobe and a perfect score overall on the entire trip, capped off with that rare interview. Here it is:

As Max Foster said, it’s the first time Kate’s been interviewed on camera since she and William announced their engagement. And it’s not like there haven’t been other opportunities. Early on the marriage, perhaps there wasn’t the confidence for it. Now, on a trip that’s been so special, following in the footsteps of Princess Diana, this was a smart way to bring it to a close. And another example of how they’ve been fine-tuning their brand over the last year, not only on social media but ways they’re trying to get their message out, with edited videos, some featuring their children, and with Kate taking more of a leadership role. The Cambridges are trying to elevate their game after a few years of complacency. 

One final note about the Cartel, which is reportedly what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle call the royal press pack – many members of the royal rota have been on tour with William and Kate, away from London and they’re the ones being called out by the Sussexes for their reporting. They’ll be home in time for the Sussex documentary airing on Sunday night. So far none of them have acknowledged what Harry and Meghan have said about their behaviour. Keep an eye out then for Sunday night, Monday morning, and see what the coverage might be, if any.