Dear Gossips, 

So… um… did you watch TV last night? If so, what was on? 

Love Island? That’s what I’ve been watching every night for the last several weeks. And last night I wish I had just turned off the television as soon as it was over but, like millions of people around the world, at 9pm ET, I ended up watching a “hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck”. 


Or, more succinctly, as Dana Bash described it… 

Also succinct – this moment, which Charu Sinha is now calling the new Song of the Summer. It’s already a t-shirt. 

If we’re talking about succinct though, “stand back and stand by” is pretty f-cking succinct. And dangerously so, especially since it was a message directed at a white supremacist male-only hate group – which, I know, is redundant but I feel like these days, we need to make things more clear than ever: if you can’t just straight up denounce a group of openly racist, misogynist violent men, who heard the call, loud and clear, and are now more activated than ever, you will do no good. You have done no good. 


So to our American gossips… PLEASE VOTE. And VOTE DONALD TRUMP OUT. This is not politics. This is humanitarian. 

Now, let’s go back to love. And the love between Justine and Caleb, Love Island’s best couple of all time. They are everything I want to believe in. And a celebration of Black Love. Look at them. Listen to them. 


Yours in gossip,