Dear Gossips, 

Happy New Year! You ready for Big Tiger Energy? 

In Chinese astrology, the Tiger is known as the king of all beasts, the animal who thought it would win easily when centuries ago, the Jade Emperor summoned twelve animals to the palace in what’s known as the Great Race in order to determine the order of the zodiac. My ma used to tell me this story all the time when I was a kid. 


So the Tiger’s feeling itself, thinking it would be able to take on all challengers. But the Ox was the hardest worker, putting its head down and grinding out the long journey. The Rat, however, the most cunning of all twelve animals, jumped on the Ox’s back, riding out most of the way, and then sprinting to the finish to finish first, followed by the Ox, which is why the Tiger came in third. I’m an Ox, by the way. Story of my life, lol. 

But the point of the story is that’s why the signs of the Chinese zodiac are ordered the way they are. If you don’t know what your sign is, be careful out there online when they just list off birth years and connect them to signs. Because Lunar New Year is on a different day every year according to the cycles of the moon, if you were born in January or February, you will not be able to get an accurate read of what your sign is if you just look at the years. It’s best to use a calculator, like this one where you punch in your exact birthday, with the day, month, and year. 


Today is Lunar New Year, we are entering Tiger Time, she is the diva of the astrological cycle, the flashiest and the most extra of the twelve. My ma is pure Tiger, she fits the Tiger profile through and through – loud, aggressive, fiercely protective, passionately loyal, hot-headed and righteous, and of course the centre of attention, always. If you’ve been visiting this site over the years, you might remember that ma used to do Chinese astrology advisories for all twelve signs. Since turning 70 though, it’s time for her to conserve energy. 

She does have a note for Tigers though. Just as with every other sign, your own year doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best year. In fact, it can be the opposite, something that frustrated me when I was younger. But it took me a long time to appreciate that the Chinese zodiac doesn’t work like that – and it’s symbolic of ancient Chinese values in general going back to Confucius. It would be too self-serving to benefit yourself in your own year. And that’s always been ma’s attitude about horoscopes; she’s never been about telling you the good things, because you don’t need to prepare for the good things. She’d rather you prepare for possible pitfalls. Tigers, you’re going to be OK but focus on others this year instead of yourself. There’s a lucky star that will protect you, but sharing your strength is always a good harvester of good luck. 


Speaking of sharing strength though, the sign that’s most compatible with the Tiger is the Horse. So if you were born under the sign of the Horse, Tiger Time is go time for you. If you’re a Tiger, being around people who are Horses will be helpful. 

For Tigers, a gift from my ma. We are giving away 20 Horse charms for those born under the sign of the Tiger. If you would like a charm, please email [email protected] with “TIGER” as the subject line to be entered into the draw. We’ll be in touch in a couple of weeks if your email has been randomly selected. 

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy Year of the Tiger. May the roar of the Tiger be kind and just. May the Tiger’s might serve those who need it most. May the Tiger’s spirit bring joy to all. 


Yours in gossip,