So… the host of the MTV VMAs last night, Sebastian Maniscalco, what did you think? At one point he namechecked Bruce Springsteen and I wonder if Bruce was like, dude, take my name out of your mouth. The good news is James Woods and Jon Voight probably want to be friends with him. So, yeah, exactly the club any entertainer would want to be a part of. (Dlisted) 

Oh and Sebastian might appeal to NYT columnist Bret Stephens too although …should I be worried that including his name on my site will show up on his google search of himself and then I’ll get a nasty letter? Here’s the best, at least to me, takeaway about this story: calling someone a bedbug is a great insult and I’m totally using it. Is Justin Timberlake a bedbug? (Cele|bitchy) 

Heidi Klum just gave us another installment of the ongoing series “Heidi Klum is a supermodel but she never dresses on a red carpet like she’s a supermodel”. Whatever this is that she’s wearing, it doesn’t fit properly. Not around the shoulders, not across the chest, not around the hips. Should she at least know about the way a piece should fit?! And that piece of fabric dangling between her legs reminds me of when a baby onesie comes undone at the crotch. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Ummmm…what? Wait, what? Seriously this is a thing? I didn’t know until five minutes ago that Jared Leto and his band do some kind of island retreat thing where their fans dress in white and Jared dresses in white and talks at them about life and whatever for three days and people pay for the experience. But don’t call it a cult because it’s not a cult, OK? Or maybe it is but Jared is trying to redefine what a cult means? Look at these pictures. This should be Ari Aster’s next movie. (Pajiba) 

Alexis Ohanian does right by Serena Williams again. Maria Sharapova is a fraud. That explains his shirt. The other fraud is how she’s managed to convince people that she and Serena have a “rivalry” which is like saying the Toronto Raptors have a “rivalry” with a high school basketball team. Anyway, great episode of Alexis Ohanian is a Good Husband. (Deadspin)