Dear Gossips, 

A week ago in this space, for the first post of 2022, I opened with Wordle and its growing popularity. Wordle has not yet peaked, although this tweet made me laugh. 


Wordle was the New Yorker’s Daily Cartoon yesterday and I saw coverage about it on several news sites this weekend from CNN Business to the BBC to CTV

I’m not great at Wordle, although I got my first Wordle in 3 this morning so maybe my time has come. That said, I have so far avoided all articles about Wordle strategy because… well… should there be a Wordle strategy? As noted last week, I’m not sure Wordle wants us to think that hard and that much about Wordle. It’s once a day, and then you’re supposed to move on. Wordle is an obsession but Wordle doesn’t necessarily intend to be one – at least not yet. 

I do think it’s interesting what your starting word for Wordle is, and if someone wants to put together a personality test that determines what kind of person you are based on your starting Wordle word, it might be a fun side game. Do you always kick off with the same word? I do. It’s WATER. What does that say about me? 


By the way, if you’re not Wordle-ing, and you’re about to try, it’s not an app. Jimmy Fallon tweeted about it last week and people started playing the wrong game. 

I’m telling you – it’s about as low-tech as you can imagine. You just need to go to a website. There is no log-in. There are no ads. Right now it’s pure. Until it’s not. Cynic, now there’s a five-letter word. Or maybe there’s no reason for cynicism with Wordle. Maybe Wordle will be static, another five-letter word. For now, I’m taking my Wordle in 3 and thinking… it must be a good day. We get to talk about Julia Fox. 

Yours in gossip,