We’ve been talking for weeks about the Barbie-Oppenheimer aka Barbenheimer double feature next Friday. We’ve been talking all day about the possible actors’ strike that could start at midnight. And now, just hours ahead of whatever might happen, the casts of both films are in London – what could be their final appearances before a strike just happened to be in the same city. 


Oppenheimer is up first. Last night they were all in Paris, today it’s the photo call at Trafalgar Square. In my post from earlier, I said that the Paris premiere could very well be their only premiere because originally the Oppenheimer London premiere was supposed to be tomorrow, July 13, at Leicester Square. Tonight Leicester Square is occupied by the Barbie invasion. If there’s no strike, sure, Oppenheimer goes ahead on Thursday. If there is a strike…

So here they are, Christopher Nolan and his cast – Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, fresh off Paris, and now joined by Florence Pugh. Emily looks so good in this metallic suit. And Flo looks so good in this blue jacket dress with her hair tinged pink and growing out fast. 

Going back to the Barbenheimer thing though… Cillian Murphy said in an interview that he can’t wait to see Barbie and that it’s a good thing that both movies are coming out on the same day. He is fully in support of the double bill and that it means you can be at the movies all day on one day: 


Wouldn’t it be great then if the Oppenheimer cast crashes the Barbie premiere tonight?! It’s happening like an hour from now at the time of this post. They won’t know about a strike – so why not go for a full stunt!? I don’t know how many phone calls would have to happen between the two teams to pull it off. But they should. And while they’re at it, it should also be a statement in support of the writers and the actors. Great press for BOTH movies.