Writer and producer Steven DeKnight, probably best known for the Netflix Daredevil series, called Jenna Ortega “entitled” and “toxic” online after she talked about “protecting” Wednesday Addams from bad writing on Wednesday. He’s not the only writer who came out with “talk to writers, don’t rewrite them” online, but I am a little surprised no one is acknowledging that she probably didn’t have direct access to the writers on the day.


The way it works so often now, especially on streaming shows, is that “mini-rooms” are created to churn out the episode order’s worth of scripts, and then the room breaks up and the writers (try to) get staffed elsewhere. This is not a twenty-plus episode network show where the writers are only a few episodes ahead and the actors could, theoretically, stop by the room and have a chat. It’s very likely that by the time Wednesday started filming, the majority of the writers had already moved on to other things. That left Jenna on set with Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the showrunners. You think they were super open to listening to their teenaged star tell them all their ideas were bad? (DListed)

Brace yourself for The Discourse, The Weeknd’s HBO series with Sam Levinson, The Idol, is reportedly premiering at Cannes. (Popsugar)


The Hugo Boss runway show’s front row is indicative of the balkanization of celebrity in the 21st century. (Go Fug Yourself)

Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller, are childfree by choice. Seth has been open on the topic, most recently attributing his success to not having kids to account for. Most people think CBC is about women’s independence, and as a CBC gal myself, that’s a big part of it, but it is important to acknowledge the impact it can have on men, too. As always, Seth Rogen is cool and groovy. (Celebitchy)

Angelica Jade Bastien is an automatic must-read in these parts. Here she is on Angela Bassett, self-possession, and expression. It’s the flowers Angela Bassett deserves. (Vulture)