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Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 18, 2010 13:21:00 February 18, 2010 13:21:00

Written by Jacek

I’ve basically ordered Lainey to go to sleep for a few hours at this stage in the day cause I can sense she’s about to crash. More from her to come later in the day but for now I’m stepping in for one or two words.

Lainey might have already mentioned this but if she did I missed it. So I’ll tell the story anyway...

As you know my parents in law recently visited to catch Lainey’s torch run in Whistler. That was on a Friday night. A couple of nights earlier, however, there was a Poland-China summit dinner at a great Chinese restaurant near city hall. My parents and her parents are an awesome combination to watch. More on that dynamic some other time.

At the end of the night we’re waiting for the elevator to go back down to the car. As we’re waiting I glance over at my mother-in-law and catch the Squawking Chicken starting at me with a strange smile. She reaches for my face – my cheeks actually – pokes them and says  “wahhhhhhh…you’re fluffy!”. “Fluffy?”. “Ya, your fec fluffy”. At this point Lainey is practically doubled over in laughter and explains to me that my mother in law just called me fat. “No more. How much you weigh?”…Anyway, it goes on for another few minutes. I’m kind of amused by all this as I’m not really that conscious about my weight…not yet. I have, however, found myself running a lot more in the last couple of weeks than I have before so maybe somewhere in the back of my mind I’m a little worried. The Squawking Chicken always gets her way so perhaps her objectives were satisfied.

The story jumped out at me when I saw the attached picture of SuperDad Jon Gosselin on US Weekly as I scanned for material. Now THAT is fluffy. Guy needs to start doing something other than hitting up buffets in Vegas between making “celebrity” appearances at pool clubs.  I should print this photo and keep it in my pocket if I need an ego stroke after my next encoutner with my mother-in-law.

PS…the poll was at 93% “NO” at time of writing. There’s some hope for the minivan yet…

Written by Jacek
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