Plural. There were too many to choose from, all of them bomb, that is has to be plural. That’s what Yara Shahidi has become: when she steps out, it’s always a style moment, there’s always fashion porn. 

Let’s start with the jeans – wide leg, suspenders dropped to the side, with a black turtleneck, crop-tied, big hair, and super short curly bangs. These bangs. I’m obsessed with these bangs on her. This look is a high degree of difficulty. Actually, all of these looks are a high degree of difficulty. I’m not saying this is at all “relatable”. But, at the same time, this is also what we want – when someone has the potential to be this stylistically exciting, we want them to go there, and she does.


Next…denim on denim, or leisure fabric that’s meant to imitate the look of denim in the form of an over-sized denim jacket, buttoned all the way up, over a white button-down shirt, sleeves rolled, and a pair of matchings pants, also rolled. Like… SWEATPANTS. They’re sweatpants. F-cking sweatpants! And a gorgeous pair of white heels. Seriously, this is so good I can’t breathe. 


Finally… as if all that wasn’t enough, here’s the outfit with perhaps the highest degree of difficulty, starting with a puffer coat in the shape of a blazer! A BLAZER PUFFER!


And underneath that blazer puffer, a plaid shorts suit. Like tailored pyjamas. With mid-calf socks, and heeled multi-coloured oxfords, OMGGGGGGGGGGG.  


A round of applause, PLEASE, for her stylist Jason Bolden. This is thrilling, thrilling, thrilling work.