We have certain fashion rules here at LaineyGossip. Here’s one: Zendaya can wear anything. Also Cate Blanchett. And Yara Shahidi is on the list too. So if you’ve come here to talk about how weird this fan attached to her dress is, that is not going to happen. I LOVE the idea of the fan. That said, I’m not sure about the execution. I get it that the fan was supposed to look wearable with material that could be structured but also feel like it’s part of a garment instead of an object. Unfortunately, from some angles, the fan doesn’t seem to be holding up. It’s one thing on the runway, you know? It’s another when it has to be inside a car and then fastened on a red carpet and can’t be re-steamed. Still. You go for it when you’re Yara Shahidi, you know? There’s not going to be a better attempt off–runway than hers. 

The fan came off the rest of the night, though, leaving behind a black sequined mini-dress that, naturally, looks perfect on her.