Yara Shahidi’s outfits often come with a high degree of difficulty. Not everyone can wear the sh-t she does. This is a classic Yara ensemble…but is more accessible? To some, perhaps. Like there are people who can handle fluffy, furry sweaters. I cannot. They make me itchy. And also the fuzz always escapes and gets into my eyes. How do people do this? How do people wear clothes of this material and not have it bother their eyes? 

I’m all about these pants though. You know what I love? I love that they’re a misdirect. From the waist up, you think these pants are a skirt, like a diner skirt, a 50s skirt, with those polka dots and the high waist. Only when you pan out do you realise that they’re like harem pants, sort of, only they don’t actually taper at the ankle…although they kind of give the illusion of tapering at the ankle because of how the material ripples and takes the light? It’s so good. It’s TOO good, she’s killing me. 

Yara, of course, is out here on International Women’s Day repping for Gen Z. Kathleen wrote about this, about being the “voice of her generation” in a cover feature for Refinery29 just published today. Yes, Kathleen talked to Yara. And no, I’m not sure she’s recovered.