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A few weeks ago, I posted about Canadian YouTubers Aysha Abdul and Molly Burke and the platform they’ve built for themselves via their YouTube channels. Molly and Aysha are two examples of those who’ve seized opportunities granted to them by today’s highly visible, highly accessible forms of new media that allowed them to break through the old chain of command of mainstream media.

YouTube is one of the platforms making this possible, and Canada is the first country to have its own Spotlight channel dedicated solely to local creators. The new YouTube Spotlight Canada Channel will feature a new theme each month and share playlists of talented Canadians who are trending on YouTube alongside Canadian news stories and trending videos. This month’s theme is comedy.

Along with Lilly Singh, one of the most popular Canadian comedians who started on YouTube is Jus Reign, who has almost 900,000 followers and has been invited to read mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel. Coming up behind those two are Jaz Saini and Harjit Bhandal, of YouTwoTV, with almost 700,000 subscribers and whose YouTube videos can generate as many as 27 million views. They vlog about relationships, and friendships, and college life, and like so many content creators who are establishing their brands on YouTube, their stories are attracting an audience outside of conventional media. And working on their comedic voices in a space that’s entirely outside of where traditional comedy used to happen.

That’s not to say that gigging in a club several times a week isn’t done anymore. It’s still done, of course, and that muscle is trained in small rooms where silence is the worst, where the goal is to generate audible laughter. But while the internet room is much bigger, it too comes with its own form of silence – and laughter that isn’t necessarily heard, but it is certainly felt. In binary form. A different kind of feedback. And a new forum for developing comedy. It’s yet another example of how technology is affecting art form, all art forms, and introducing us to new artists who are documenting every stage of their careers.

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