The International Emmys were presented in New York last night. They’re not getting much coverage today and I’m not sure they typically do – and I’m not trying to make it sound like I’m all that much better in this regard because I’m posting about it; the reason I was following in my feed last night is because I was obsessed last year with a Korean drama series called It’s OK To Not Be OK and it was nominated in the TV Movie/Miniseries category but did not win. Probably the most notable show that was part of the International Emmys is Netflix’s Call My Agent, the French comedy series about a talent agency which a few people have written in to recommend and it is indeed excellent, I’m four episodes into season one. 


In the four acting categories, it was a British sweep with Hayley Squires and David Tennant winning for leads in Adult Material and Des respectively which goes to show that event at the International Emmys, voters are still drawn to British accents. 

While the International Emmys aren’t yet as high profile as the Emmys, that may be changing – or at least they’re trying to change it, considering who was on the guest list last night. Logan Roy himself, Brian Cox, was there and he’s not the kind of dude who just shows up places for the sake of showing up. The event was hosted by Yvonne Orji, in a gorgeous and flouffy yellow gown and everybody’s favourite, Joshua Jackson was also there looking very sharp in a black tux. 

To those of you asking whether or not Squid Game will be a factor at the International Emmys next year, the answer is no. Netflix is positioning Squid Game for an Emmys run. Still, with Netflix and the other streamers investing so heavily in content from other territories, East Asia in particular, the International Emmys may be much more consequential in the years to come – or the Emmys will have to change their eligibility rules, depending on where audiences start going.