In the previous post about Tom Cruise, Sarah mentioned the Top Gun sequel, which Tom confirmed recently is happening. And that the title is Top Gun: Maverick. Years ago I was thinking Taylor Lautner as Tom’s heir. But after watching Tom and Zac Efron together on Graham Norton this weekend, well, it has to be Zac Efron, doesn’t it? Zac Efron practically auditioned for Tom right on that couch.

Then he auditioned for Tom on the pole. Seriously. On the pole:

I mean Graham obviously called this out. Because who wouldn’t call it out. And, really, it’s not a bad idea. Sarah suggested Liam Hemsworth. You know the problem with Liam Hemsworth though? Too tall. Goose was taller than Maverick. But GOOSE DIES.

Liam can be Goose’s son with Meg Ryan. Zac, however, on height and on his newfound weird earnestness, is definitely Maverick Jr. Look at them dancing together, doing Tom’s signature motorcycle groove:

You know what kills me about that clip? It’s how Tom keeps bringing up Les Grossman, the second time Les Grossman has come up today on this blog. These are his reference points – in life. You remember what I wrote last week about how Tom performs love, how life and set almost can’t be separated when it comes to Tom Cruise? This is how he lives. He doesn’t live by moments in his personal life. He lives by his characters. When he dances, it’s Les Grossman. When he air-guitars it’s Joel, from Risky Business. When he comes on to someone it’s Maverick, in the bathroom. When he’s angry he WANTS THE TRUTH, Lt Kaffee, A Few Good Men. Can you imagine getting into an argument with him? If ever I got into a fight with Tom Cruise I would totally expect him to shout “DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED!?” at me. And if he didn’t I’d be disappionted.

But. BUT. Zac’s right in that respect. I just gave you one or half a line on four of his films and you know exactly what I mean, you can see the scene, you could probably recite it from memory. And I’ve left several other movies on the table. It’s true about those characters. Tom Cruise has become a punchline over the last decade. But you cannot deny his contribution to the cinematic experience. Zac Efron wants a piece of that. And, well, given how willingly Tom vouches for him during this interview (or at least his pole skills), I feel like it might happen. TomZac 2019.