Baywatch opens today. And the reviews are not good. Most of the reviews single out The Rock’s efforts but also make a point to note that not even he can save the movie. But… is Baywatch the kind of movie that’s critic-proof? Critics can certainly sink some movies. There are, however, many movies that perform well in spite of what critics say. Like for those of you who wanted to see Baywatch (that would be me too) was it ever going to matter how the reviews came in? Or were you just going to see it anyway?

Right now, Baywatch is tracking to bring in $40 million over the four day US Memorial Day long weekend for a second place finish behind Pirates 5. As previously mentioned, it was always expected to open in second because of its R-rating and because Pirates is an established franchise. This, however, is where the reviews might matter. Stronger reviews could give it a chance to get closer or exceed $50 million. Right now the hope is that audiences come out of there tonight and tomorrow afternoon all, critics are f-cking stupid, and push the movie on word of mouth.

Here’s Zac Efron at Kimmel last night. Most of the conversation about Zac and Baywatch has been about his body. Buzzfeed even did a thing on working out and eating like Zac for two months and what would happen. I mean, sure, you can follow the prescription for how to LOOK like him, but on top of the abs, there’s also the attitude. Zac Efron has picked up where Matthew McConaughey left off. First you get the body, then you must show off the body as often as possible. It really is one the highlights of Matt Damon’s career, non?