Zaila Avant-garde! It’s been a week since Zaila won the Spelling Bee and we are still obsessed. Even Bill Murray, who you’ll recall, came up before Zaila spelled the final word “murraya”. Zaila and Bill were brought together by Phoebe Robinson on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and, hopefully, one day they’ll meet in person. Maybe at a basketball game, when Zaila turns pro. (Dlisted) 


A quiche stuffed bagel! I wish I thought of this. I love bagels, I love eggs. I love bacon. So I’m doing this this weekend but you know what I’m adding? A sprinkle of Cheeto dust on the top. (PopSugar) 

Elie Saab is ready for award season. And festival season. The next high-glam film festival is Venice. We could be seeing at least one of these designs there. Or maybe it’ll be the Emmys which are two months away. I’m not sure if by then we’ll be back to full on red carpet spectacle at that point (and chances are greater if more people get vaccinated) but if we are, I would love to see the second look on Anya Taylor-Joy and the third look on Michaela Coel. (Go Fug Yourself) 


For those of you who are curious about the new Sex and the City show, And Just Like That, there are leaked script details. But not the detail everyone wants to know – which is what happened to Samantha Jones. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m pretty happy with the result of this quiz about a perfect summer day and what food you are which told me that I am fries and, yes, I do love fries, I love being fries. But I didn’t answer as honestly as I could have because what I do a lot of in the summer is golf and golf wasn’t an option so am I really fries? (Buzzfeed)