Obviously we’re looking for a different vibe going into 2021 and so far we’ve been getting a lot of the same. Even for those of us who like to stay plugged in, sometimes you need a little escapism and music is certainly a great distraction from the state of the world. One person supplying a new soundtrack for the start of the year is Zayn, who dropped his new single “Vibez” today. And what exactly are the “vibez” for 2021? Playful sexual tension, according to Zayn. I could think of worse distractions. 



The song serves as the second single from Zayn’s upcoming third album Nobody Is Listening, which he reportedly has complete creative control over. That’s interesting because I thought he was given control over his last album and that’s why it wasn’t as commercially successful as his solo debut. But there’s value in having the space to experiment without the pressure of Billboard chart expectations. Zayn is still figuring out what kind of artist he wants to be and how to balance his mental health with this career. But I’m not sure about this album title, Nobody Is Listening. Lots of people are listening, and waiting, and following his post-One Direction journey because although he was the first to leave, he’s yet to reach his destination. 


We know the appetite for Zayn is still there because his and Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy news was one of the biggest entertainment stories of 2021. Baby Zigi arrived in September and we still don’t have a name yet, although I kind of love when a celebrity couple keeps their little one (mostly) under wrap until they’re ready. But with the new album arriving next Friday, will the name be hidden somewhere in the new music? Or maybe Baby Zigi will make an appearance? Blue Ivy Carter was just two days old when we heard her cries featured on a Jay-Z song.