Dear Gossips, 

These were the COVID Oscars – and we have a LOT to talk about, including the ending, which we’ll get to for sure. But let’s start with the look of it all, because as I wrote last week, fashion was expected to make a comeback at the Oscars after over a year of no red carpets. This, really, was the first event that approached what red carpets used to feel like. It was a much calmer red carpet experience, obviously, with no audience and limited guests and smaller media pool, but the glamour level was definitely dialed back up, and that was exactly what the Oscars wanted, it was what they encouraged of the nominees and presenters. 


The Academy wanted to see big style moments, gowns over hoodies, because one of the main priorities of the Oscars this year was to restore the illusion. To get back to the magic, to remind people that movie stars exist. So let’s not pretend that they don’t want us to talk about the clothes. They 100% want us to be talking about the clothes. In fact, if you watched the pool feed during the arrivals, you could hear organisers, wranglers, and photographers telling people to hide their masks. In the days preceding the Oscars, and even during the show, we were reminded repeatedly that attendees and staff have been tested over and over again, and with over 125 million people (last I checked) in the United States having had at least one dose of the vaccine and Los Angeles well on its way to reopening, and safety protocols being observed, the Oscars were intended to be all about the dazzle. Especially since the films being honoured this year were not widely seen by most of the audience; they were counting on viewers tuning in, then, for the spectacle, and not necessarily for the cinema. 


From a style perspective, this was a strong year. Maybe that’s to do with the shortened guest list – when there are only 30 people hitting up the fashion houses for their best options, as opposed to over 150 looking for dresses, you’re going to see the cream of the crop. For the most part, that’s what we got… with perhaps one or two exceptions, but that was mostly a hair issue here and there and not the actual outfits. 

If we’re talking about the cream of the crop though, well, if Zendaya shows up, as we know, it’s always going to be her. Which is why we retired her from “best” consideration a while ago. It’s just not fair to anyone else. 

Look at her in this yellow Valentino. Every superlative seems inadequate to describe just how f-cking perfectly paired this dress is with its wearer. And of course Zendaya and Law Roach knew exactly what to do with it. With her hair so long and loose, that unbelievable necklace, and the makeup – like she came fresh from the beach, so fresh you could smell the salt and the sun on her skin, and of course even the wind was impressed because it kicked up just as she hit the photo wall, almost like it was waiting for its moment, waiting for her to arrive and do its thing. 


Even Law was amazed…and it was his work!

Every time. Every time you think these two can’t get any better and every time they come through. 

So. I’m pretty sure we’re not fighting about Zendaya. But we probably will be fighting about some other looks. Shall we? 

We’re up all night and into the morning, rolling out these posts, so keep refreshing and sending us your thoughts, your highlights, your disappointments. And, of course, keep yelling at us. That’s what today is for!

Yours in gossip,