Rumours about Zendaya dating her Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi started back in August when he was seen on holiday with her in Greece, along with her family. Since then, they’ve avoided the spotlight but there have been a few sightings here and there of the two of them out for dinner or at the movies. 

Last week, both Zendaya and Jacob were in Sydney for the GQ Men of the Year Awards. They avoided each other on the carpet but they were seen all over town with his family. And then, on Instagram stories, Jacob was posting about taking a road trip. Z wasn’t pictured but they both turned up on social media, together. 



Jacob is Australian. Was he sightseeing his home country with his girlfriend? This is, by the way, how it used to work with Z and Tom Holland and they sidestepped the relationship question for years. So I don’t know that we’ll ever get an acknowledgement from either of them, although Z did post Jacob’s GQ cover on her IG stories so does that count as Instagram official? Are they? 

Maybe they’re just really good friends? I mean, he’s the only Euphoria cast member who’s been on multiple holidays with her and seems to spend the most time with her family so I’m not sure that holds up. But she can point to the fact that she’s been “close” with another co-star before (Tom Holland) although I don’t know how Jacob feels about that comparison since there was an entire fanbase dedicated to Zomdaya or Zendalland and they’re supposed to be working on a third Spider-Man movie together and, well, I hope Jacob isn’t the jealous type? I’m sure he’s nothing like his character on the show but, f-ck, he plays it so well. 

Speaking of working with an ex though, Jacob and Joey King started dating after meeting on The Kissing Booth. It seemed pretty serious – a lot of love on social media – and then it ended abruptly. He scrubbed his IG and it was a big question mark whether he’d return for the sequel. It is confirmed that he’s definitely in the sequel but… well…whether or not he’s enthusiastic about it is up for debate. This is pretty low energy, LOL. 


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