Earlier this week Zendaya and Andrew Garfield fangirled and fanboyed each other for Variety’s Actors on Actors series. You can imagine how the internet reacted, given how popular they each are individually and then when you add the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home on top of that, and then with a half hour video of them exchanging inside jokes and compliments… it was a no-brainer for Variety to release that particular combination first as they rolled out the latest installment of the series. 


Both Zendaya and Andrew were at the TIME 100 gala last night as honourees and on the red carpet, Andrew once again talked about how “incomparable” she is, how much he admires her work, and how she’s at once “otherworldly” but also very grounded. 


I mean it’s not like he totally sucks either. As you can see from this interview, he’s so thoughtful, and he’s nice. This doesn’t feel like an interview with a Celebrity, and he doesn’t approach it like one – I say this as someone who interviews celebrities professionally: sometimes it feels like a job, and other times it feels like you’re just having a conversation with another person, which is the energy Andrew is bringing here. 


Andrew and Zendaya are part of the Actors on Actors package because it’s Emmy season and both are considered to be contenders for a nomination. Nomination voting begins in a couple of weeks so the timing here is strategic and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’ve made the TIME 100 list. Between the two, Zendaya’s probably the stronger candidate here with her performance in season two of Euphoria and episode five in particular. Can she go two for two with Emmy wins? Back in 2020, when Zendaya won the Lead Drama Actress Emmy for her work in Euphoria season one, she was nominated among acting veterans, perhaps a bit of an underdog. Two years later, most would probably agree she’s the frontrunner given the popularity of the show, the buzz it created online, and of course her profile, especially with the year she’s had with Dune, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Euphoria S2 going back to back to back. How could she not be on the TIME 100? And in another amazing look curated by Law Roach. 


As shared on Instagram, Zendaya and Law were given rare access to the archives. 

Is this…maybe…a little shady? As in, this is the “right” way to borrow from the archive? Because if we’re talking about dresses from the archive, well, one dress on a certain person dominated the conversation a few weeks ago. Bob Mackie was the one who did the original sketch for the Jean Louis gown for Marilyn Monroe that was worn by Kim Kardashian, of course, at the Met Gala. Fashion historians criticised the decision to allow Kim to take the piece out of display and Bob himself was not in favour of the move, calling it a “big mistake”.


Bob doesn’t let his pieces out very often and when he does it’s not just for anyone. He and Law seem to have a good relationship. Law previously pulled a vintage Mackie for Anya Taylor-Joy a couple of years ago (when they were still working together) for the premiere of Emma. 

And now it’s Zendaya doing justice to this gorgeous green and black silk and velvet panelled gown. This is far from the first time Z and Law have gone vintage for a major red carpet. Will it be vintage for the Emmys? Or something entirely new?