The internet’s most precious celebrity couple gave us some crumbs last night at the London premiere of Challengers


Tom Holland was there to support Zendaya and, just as it was with the Dune: Part 2 premiere, he largely stayed away from the spotlight but, you know, nothing will get in the way of the fans getting their Tomdaya fix. 


And here they are with a kiss. 


She was also asked about him on the red carpet and the reporter was rewarded with a wholesome answer – they run lines together!


Tom’s Romeo & Juliet, by the way, begins previews on May 11 and opening night is May 23 so, if we’re talking about scheduling, even though he’s in rehearsals, he could still be available to be in New York for the Met Gala on May 6 if, you know, they want to make that appearance together. Tickets for Romeo & Juliet sold out in two hours for its entire run from May to August and there are reports that when it wraps on the West End, the production will head to Broadway… and if that’s true then it would mean that he would NOT be working on a new Spider-Man movie this fall which is what the rumours have been. Unless of course he does Spider-Man first and then Romeo & Juliet on Broadway once he’s completed filming.

For now, let’s lob it back over to Z (ha!) because she was back out there today at the London photo call in yet another winner. 


If you haven’t seen this yet, wait for it, when she turns around. 

Vivienne Westwood 1994. Tennis bunny! But also… BUNNY AUSTIN, get it? Do you get it?! If not, look him up and then, be warned, you’ll be gagging. These deep cuts! But, again, they’re not obvious. The fit works on its own, obviously, for how cute it is so if you don’t get the reference, no big deal. If you do get the reference, it’s just that much more special.