I posted yesterday about Zendaya melting our brains – again – at the Louis Vuitton show but didn’t mention anything about the collection because, well, Zendaya and our brains. It’s a good collection though, at least for me, because I’m all about the drop waist silhouette. The inspiration here is apparently travel. I’m planning a big trip in November and now I’m going to try rocking this vibe at a more affordable price point for the whole month I’m gone. (Go Fug Yourself)


Earlier this year King Charles wanted his brother, Andrew, to GTFO of Royal Lodge. Andrew, the squatter, was asked to downsize and of course he refused, so now they’ve made a deal and Andrew gets to stay because his ego is too big to go anywhere else. And now he can spend more days doing nothing on the property because it’s not like he has an official role with the family … or is that coming too? (Celebitchy)

F-ck I’m so behind on my watches. Just started The Morning Show Season 3 (I know, I know, it’s absurd but I love it and you’re tired of me telling you why so I won’t) and I have to finish Only Murders in the Building (they just announced season four) and I have one more episode to go on The Super Models and now… Loki season two has just snuck up on us. But I can’t remember what happened at the end of season one so I have to go back and watch the last episode. (The Mary Sue)


I’m sure you remember the Olivia Wilde discourse that was happening when she was dating Harry Styles. Like, sure, Olivia might not be perfect but she also didn’t deserve the online pile-on. Which is what happens when someone gets involved with Harry Styles who isn’t Louis Tomlinson. So now, this is what Taylor Russell is experiencing. Certain Harry Styles fans are attacking her online -  it’s racist and sexist and stupid and it’s also sh-tty for Harry, knowing anyone he loves will be hurt by people who claim to love him. (Pajiba)

“Who exactly is Ashton Kutcher’s anti-sex-trafficking tech company helping?” People are now looking into his advocacy work. And there are unanswered questions. (The Cut)