Dear Gossips, 

After Zendaya won the Emmy for Lead Drama Actress at the Emmys the other night, I called it an “upset” yesterday, because it was her first nomination in a stacked category that included SAG winner Jennifer Aniston, Oscar and multiple other awards winner Olivia Colman, last year’s winner Jodie Comer, multiple Emmy and SAG and Golden Globe winner Laura Linney, and multiple SAG and Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh. 


It was an upset, one of the biggest – if not the biggest – surprises of the night. The NY Post also put the word “upset” in their headline about Zendaya’s win. 

And then came the backlash. Because some people on social media didn’t understand what the word “upset” means in this context. So then they yelled about it. And others explained it to them. But some insisted that even though they’re familiar with the expression, it was a poor choice of words. The headline I used was “Zendaya: Two Looks and an Upset!” 


Was it a poor choice of words? Certain people have suggested that using “upset” to describe situations like this should be phased out altogether. 

I think language debates are useful. It’s not that I always agree with those who argue that certain things should be changed but the conversation itself is the value. Language can always be improved. I’m not saying that eliminating the term “upset victory” is an improvement, but maybe it’s worth considering the arguments on either side. What do you think? 

As for Zendaya, well, none of this is a bother. 


I love that she changed her profile pic on her social media accounts to this: 

Zendaya's new profile picture on social media

And by the way, while Z’s Emmy was by far the most high profile win for Euphoria, the series also won two creative arts Emmys for music and makeup. The MAKEUP! I’ve been living on Euphoria makeup for a year now. Messy glitter tears, dramatic eyeliner, sequin eyelids and brows, neon shadows, and not much on the lips. Still not over it.

Yours in gossip,