You must be tired of me featuring Zendaya all the time in these LifeStyle posts but I can’t help it. She’s on a press tour. Every time Zendaya’s on a press tour every outfit is worth talking about. And how could I ignore this f-cking coat.

Look at this coat!

Green leather, slightly A-line, perfect length, and the houndstooth trim at the collar…


It’s one of the best coats we’ve seen all year. IN MANY YEARS, actually. And it’s Marni. Which means it’s your car. But … it might last longer than your car? Seriously, this coat will hol up forever, even in 100 years if our planet is still alive by then. 

Zendaya wore five outfits yesterday. All styled by Law Roach. Because who’s a better stylist than Law Roach right now. Don’t try to name one. It will be a waste of your time and you’ll just be mad at me for asking you to waste your time. 

Here’s Z in a gold coat:


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And a dress that probably should not be attempted by anyone else. Note the metallic clash with the silver pumps – an excellent styling decision:


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Same pumps, different vibe:


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OMG this creamy leather vest:


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Oh and PS? These are all pap shots. Many celebrities and stylists use pap photos when highlighting their style. Zendaya isn’t one to complain about paps. But you know the ones who do.