Come ON. 


As I’ve already said today, Disney princess is automatic Camp. Fairy tales are stories made extra. And what makes Zendaya’s look extra extra, as managed by Law Roach, of course and always, is that this is Cinderella down to the very, very last detail. It’s not Cinderella-inspired. It IS actual Cinderella. With her own lighting kit. Which is another level of camp. Camp is coming correct with your own enhanced lighting system for the best glow – it’s basically the most exaggerated, extra, Lumee, a Lumee on steroids, a state-of-the-art remote-controlled ring light, AND HYDRAULICS! This girl is trying to murder us, I swear!

Did you notice how the dress expands? And how the shoulders contract? 

Here is in prototype:

Let me just break that down again for you – the skirt gets BIGGER, thereby making her waist look SMALLER, and it’s built to give her MORE SHOULDER. 

Is that not camp?! Is that NOT CAMP!?!

And we haven’t even gotten to the f-cking part where she leaves a glass slipper on those steps!

Stop it. 

Stop it, you two. You’re too much. My heart rate can’t handle it. I’m not overreacting. This is exactly the appropriate reaction to something so wonderfully, brilliantly too much. This is how we all should be reacting when we see someone shut it down so impressively and consistently. 

Maybe Zendaya should take next year off from the Met Gala. I don’t know if we’ve earned her.