I was wondering when Zendaya was first announced as Louis Vuitton’s newest ambassador how it would all look, and how LV would serve her. This is Zendaya with Law Roach, so we’ve been conditioned for a certain level of excellence, an almost unmatched level of excellence. But also, Zendaya x Valentino was SUUUUUCH a standard. And we have seen in the past how underwhelming LV can be with certain celebrities. Emma Stone for example – many of her most interesting looks came before her LV partnership. 


But Zendaya came out of the LV gate real strong. This, if you recall, was the debut: 


And today, for LV’s presentation at Paris Fashion Week, once again she’s melting down the internet, trending within minutes of her arrival. This is the arrival: 


I mean, what else can you do but bend the knee, once again, in fealty and then crumble to the ground because she has snatched all the breath from our lungs!? 

In Zendaya and Law we trust. 


And where Law is concerned, well, he’s always going to give us an archive moment. This time he went back to 2004:

Once again proving that Z and Law will always be a great investment.