I had written today’s site intro about Zendaya early, before seeing the new photos that had just come out this morning. Sent the post to Emily for review and then posting, and then she sent me back a note that Z was at Good Morning America in two new fits. So now here we are, because it’s Zendaya and the clothing is, as usual, worth looking at. 


She arrived in the prettiest spring dress. 


Right? SO PRETTY. For the season and also for Challengers. But not too Challengers. It’s the perfect choice for morning television. This is exactly the kind of dress viewers want to wake up to. But there’s another reason I want to talk about the look and it’s because Law Roach shared something about the design. The dress is custom Erdem and on IG stories he posted the original sketch and the runway photo … which… if it was on the runway, why was it custom? 


Take a look. 

Law Roach's Instagram story

As you can see, what makes it custom is the tulle at the hem of the skirt so the version that’s available for everyone else is not the one you see on Zendaya. Not the non-custom one isn’t lovely, it is lovely, but I think the tulle actually makes it more… daytime? This example is a glimpse into the eye of Law Roach. 

So one fit to arrive and another to leave. After she was done at GMA, with Law by her side, Zendaya changed into a chartreuse suit and the distinguishing feature of this look is how the jacket is clasped and the way it sits higher on both sides of the neck. It just doesn’t stop!