It’s the third week of January, we’re not supposed to be talking anymore about how it’s a new year. But Zendaya has just made her first public appearance so now 2024 can officially begin. Because this is a f-cking serve!


Zendaya has been quiet for months. That, however, will be changing soon since she has two films coming out – Dune: Part 2 and Challengers, on March 1 and April 26 respectively. Which means we’re about to see Z on a press tour. A press tour means red carpets and other appearances. Which requires a wardrobe. The kind of wardrobe that breaks the internet as only Zendaya can break the internet. 

It’s starting already. Z is in Paris for Fashion Week. Today she shut it down at Schiaparelli, alongside Law Roach, of course, in a black dress and wig combination that only she could pull off. It’s the commitment to severity – there is no attempt here to soften the look; instead Z and Law have leaned in, all the way, to the drama and theatricality as she channels every Disney villain and Miranda Priestley. 


Because you have to. When your dress has its own PONYTAIL, you have to! Look at this thing!


It was quite a front row that Schiaparelli assembled for today’s presentation. In addition to Zendaya, which would have been enough, Jennifer Lopez was also invited – and unlike Zendaya she opted to go without a wig or extensions for a change. It’s rare that JLo wears her hair without the extra length or volume, so it’s hard to say whether or not this chin-length bob is a fresh cut. But it’s the right energy to work with this spectacular white coat and those sunglasses. Schiaparelli under the stewardship of Daniel Roseberry has been all about twisted opulence; I mean if this isn’t twisted I don’t know what is:


In other words, nobody is showing up at Schiaparelli with basic bitch hair. JLo understood the assignment. 

Rounding out the high profile front row – Hunter Schafer for a Euphoria reunion with Zendaya and social media is already losing its mind over it:


And also… soon-to-be Oscar nominee and quite possibly our next Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner, Da’Vine Joy Randolph. It’s amazing to see Da’Vine getting the frontrunner treatment, that Schiaparelli wants a piece of her award season hype. This is what all the stylists are doing right now as we begin the final run-up to the Oscars. The looks are being assembled – and clearly Da’Vine will have her pick. 


Maybe this is a hint. Maybe on Oscar night she’ll be in Schiaparelli.