When we were lining up the coverage last night, near the end of the list, when we came to Zendaya, Duana asked me how ugly this was going to get, thinking that we’d fight over who got to write her, because we are both obsessed with this look. Duana was assuming that one of us would make Zendaya our Best….and… well…

She’s not. Our Bests are coming. But the title is not Zendaya’s because, as I’ve been saying for the Outfit of the Week posts, whenever Zendaya comes to the party, it’s unfair to everyone else. She’s always going to be the Best! She’s never predictable. It’s never the same. And now that she’s in Euphoria, which has been renewed for a second season, for sure she’s going to be at the Golden Globes, and Critics’ Choice, possibly the SAGs, and definitely the Emmys next year – even if they don’t nominate her, for sure they’ll want her to present. So, again, who’s going to step to Zendaya? Who could? 

This is why, now that we’ve officially kicked off award season, ahead of the upcoming award show carpets, we are putting Zendaya in the Hall of Fame. We’re giving her the Lifetime Achievement. Which means she’s no longer eligible for Best. She could be eligible for Worst but… please…what are the chances of that? Even if Zendaya showed up in something unpleasant, it would be intentionally unpleasant, it would be unpleasant on purpose, which never qualifies as a true Worst. That’s not to say she’s going to not show up, that we won’t post about her – of course we will, we will always want this site to be enhanced by Zendaya. She just won’t be named Best because she and Law Roach are playing on a whole other field. 

Look at this…


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Duana tweeted that she started gasping the moment Z showed up on the carpet. It checks all of Duana’s boxes, especially that green. Even green satin, a dangerous fabric? It’s the judicious use of satin that sets it apart, you know? Note that the satin isn’t used all over the body, that it’s draped over half the body, strategically placed away from the parts of the body that the eye is drawn to, which means tricky satin isn’t wrinkling there. Instead, you’re looking at this perfectly built corset, and the satin acts almost like a sheet, something she used to cover herself up as she prowled out of bed. And, of course, her hair is the perfect colour to compliment all of it. Of course she knows exactly how to move and pose so as to best show off the design, all the work that went into creating this moment of BOMB ASS F-CKING RED CARPET AMAZINGNESS. 

This, by the way, is what she changed into for the after-party. 


See? I can’t. No one can. No one is operating anywhere near this level. So that why. Hall of Fame. Lifetime Achievement. Zendaya.