Zendaya and Tom Holland were in Paris last night, photographed separately at the restaurant. The paps are saying this was a “romantic” situation and while, yes, there’s definitely romance between them, I’m not sure that this was that kind of occasion. There are some other people with them, including security, but also one or two who look like friends and being that they’re likely in Paris to kick off promotion for Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is coming soon, expected to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, titles of the holiday season, they’re for sure travelling with a team – from studio reps to publicists to assistants and more. This is not a personal trip, there’s no way. Most marketing work wraps up mid-December, because that’s when we all shut it down, so they really only have two weeks to hit the ground on this movie. And they’ll hit it hard. No Way Home is not going to be a low-key press tour, lol. 


Still, the press tour is what some of us have been anticipating. Because, of course, these two are in love in real life, and they’ve got a fun, playful chemistry. And…obviously…the looks. Z is getting it started early and this wasn’t even a high-profile appearance. But the coat and the sweater dress and this gold-ish, olive tone to her dinner outfit – so chic, as usual. And now I’m even more excited for what’s coming. Get ready for it. Thanksgiving break is over. It’s going to be a celebrity rush to the holidays now.