As we’d seen over the last couple of weeks, Tom Holland was in New York on promotion for The Crowded Room . Zendaya meanwhile was on her own work schedule in Rome. They reunited a few days ago and were seen holding hands while leaving a show in London.


Is London home for both of them now? London has always been home for Tom but Z seems to be spending a lot more time there than in LA. And, also, there’s a dog. Zendaya and Tom were photographed out with the dog on the weekend  and there’s a cute shot of her feeding him ice cream too. 

There were reports last year that Tom and Zendaya had bought a home together in London which Tom then subsequently denied- but while they may not have made a purchase, they are there, together, a lot and she’s been seen often enough with his family that London is definitely one of her home bases, if not the only home base. 

That said, it’s not like these two aren’t constantly travelling. I wonder if we’ll see Z on the move today because today in Paris is the highly anticipated debut of Pharrell x Louis Vuitton. Zendaya is an LV ambassador now, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t want her to be there in support. More coverage on Louis Vuitton tomorrow. 


Speaking of support, though, Pharrell also got a big boost from someone else a few days ago. 


That’s Rihanna herself, shouting out “LOUIS VUITTON MEN” for Spring/Summer 2024, 100% an endorsement of Pharrell’s new collection. It’s a huge get for the brand…and also, as noted in the comments, pretty f-cking baller – the fact that RiRi, currently pregnant, is the fronting a campaign for LV aimed at the male demo.

Of course Rihanna has a deep relationship with LVMH. Fenty Beauty is produced in collaboration with LVMH’s Kendo division. They invested in her and she in turn has made them a lot of money. And creatively she’s long been connected with Pharrell too. So there was a lot of historic synergy here leading up to the campaign. Very curious to see how tonight’s presentation unfolds.