Edie McClurg was also the school secretary in Ferris Bueller, remember? “Oh, he’s very popular Ed. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.” One of the gifts of that movie is that many of the best scenes were the ones that didn’t involve Ferris at all. Like the scenes in the principal’s office. And the scene at the police station, with Jennifer Grey. (Dlisted) 

I love these conversations: Pop Culture Nostalgia and when you feel left out. On this list, I disagree with Hook. As a Julia Roberts fan, I get Hook. And I loved Hook. The other ones though? I actually haven’t even heard of them. You know what continues to amaze me and at first I was like, HOW COULD YOU but now it kinda makes me happy? My husband, Jacek, has never seen E.T. Ever. It’s become a thing. Initially he just missed out on it. But it’s gotten to the point where he just refuses. Like it’s become part of his self-identity. I’m Jacek and I’ve never seen E.T. (Pajiba) 

Speaking of nostalgia, this is both nostalgic and new, at the same time. A recognisable title, but updated for now. Remember She’s Gotta Have It? It’s now a Netflix show. I’m thinking Kathleen might want to write about this more extensively in the days or weeks to come. But if you’re just getting started, here’s an introduction. (Mashable) 

I am so into the 70s vibe of this outfit on Zendaya. Yes, yes, again, again, because it’s Zendaya. Who can pretty much wear the sh-t out of any outfit from any era. And over the thigh boots aren’t even my thing. But they’re my thing here, on her, because she’s paired these boots with a dress that isn’t body-con and stops where the boots start. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Rihanna’s 3 Paris Vogue covers. My favourite is the one with the towel on her head. Because I’m really into the makeup. That white-ish eye shadow! (Cele|bitchy) 

I LOVE peanut butter and jam. So much. But…would I want peanut butter and jam hair? Also, do you say “jam” or “jelly”? I say “jam”. Which I know is not the same thing as jelly. But it’s more of an expression, non? (Teen Vogue)