Zendaya has been out several times this week. And every single time the look is different, and interesting, and fun, and … well… it’s gotten to the point where if she’s showing up, she is the only one to look at.

Here are her two most recent looks – a khaki jumpsuit at the Michael Jackson Scream event on Tuesday and a pretty blush pink blouse tucked into high waist pants at the CFDA Fashion Fund Show yesterday. Same person, two totally separate vibes, but both of them styled perfectly to her personality. And the clothes never, ever wear her.

I was about to demand why she doesn’t have a major label contract but then if she did, we might not be able to see all this versatility. That said, Zendaya could be one of the few people, like Rihanna, who can sign a major label contract but still have the freedom to wear whatever she wants. And no one should ever say that lightly, the comparison to Rihanna. Rihanna is in a class of her own. But so is Zendaya, non?