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Let’s open today with Zendaya, because it’s been a minute. She’s kept a pretty low profile the second half of the year, spending most of it working on Spider-Man: Far From Home. Last night she attended the worldwide launch of new jewelry brand, Âme in LA and… well… she made it worth the wait. Law Roach made it worth the wait. He knows we’ve been waiting. 


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This is a DRESS.

And it’s a dress with a lot of feathers. A good use of feathers. A not-dated use of feathers (Penelope Cruz, for example, has been wearing the same variation on the feathered dress for a decade). Zendaya’s feathers feel lingerie inspired, like a nightgown from the 70s that you’d see in Playboy – except almost deliberately obnoxious, with the colour and the length. This dress doesn’t tease, it demands. Not that it’s not sexy, of course it’s sexy. It’s just not generically sexy. It’s not MiniVan Majority sexy. The common MiniVan Majority description you’ll get about this dress on Facebook is that it’s “Big Bird”. Please. What it is is big glory. This is a glorious look. And it’s getting me excited about what Zendaya will be bringing us in 2019. 

Tonight is The Social in prime time, our annual Year in Gossip special, airing at 8pm on CTV. It’s the final episode produced by Kathleen. Every year we are asked to make our predictions about who’ll have a great following year. I went with Rihanna because we’re all waiting on the new album. But don’t sleep on Zendaya. Year after year she’s been building, and each year has been better than the last. Zendaya will be big in 2019, I can feel it. 

Have a great weekend!

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