Zendaya’s been in London the last few days on promotion for The Greatest Showman and also to drop some serious steeze. Two outfits here to enjoy:

Let’s start with the most recent, last night at the Fashion Awards. With two horses covering her chest and her arms adorned with stars. I don’t love the sheer material that’s holding it all together. I never love the sheer material that holds dresses together. I understand why it has to be there sometimes. I wish, in this case, that they could have found some way to make it so that the sheer material wasn’t necessary. Because it really brings down a look when you can see it bunching up.

At the Evening Standard Awards, it was an ombre dress with a low neckline and sweeping sleeves. Obviously I’m obsessed. Because this is basically an elevated sack. And sacks are my jam. You’ll note too that Z was in black velvet on back to back nights. Velvet, as we’ve seen, is everything and everywhere right now. How long before we get tired of it (again)?