Zendaya, thank you. For always willing to play and dress with imagination. Look at this suit!

It’s pure 90s. Pure new jack. Coulda been in Bruno Mars’s Finesse video. People who dress to look “pretty” don’t make this choice. This is a fashion choice that’s meant to interesting over pretty. Fun over pretty. And you can’t pull it off without totally owning it. Which she always does. Zendaya’s like, yeah ok, you see me in these giant shoulders and this boxy suit. It’s not a flirty cocktail dress. What’s the problem? NO PROBLEM. 

Now what does she have planned for Sunday? Zendaya is presenting at the Oscars. I’m sure Elie Saab or similar would dress her if she and Law Roach, her stylist, were into it - your generic sheer or something princess gown. But is that what she’ll go for?!