Zoë Kravitz covers the new issue of Rolling Stone. This cover! If you’re old enough to remember, you will remember. You will know that this is meant to remind you of another cover. I posted about this last year, one year ahead of the 30th anniversary of when Lisa Bonet covered Rolling Stone. The story there is that that cover was part of Lisa’s plan to start breaking out from the influence of Bill Cosby. She wanted to pose nude and she wanted the magazine to use the nude shot of her and was pissed when they ended up going with the shot of her in the white shirt instead. 


Now, 30 years later, it’s her daughter, Zoë, almost 30, posing the way her mother wanted to be seen. And being seen, finally, even though she’s been working nearly a decade. Some of that is because of what was or wasn’t available to Zoë, and it doesn’t sound like being the child of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz helped much with that. She didn’t want their help but also…remember…even for her, there are only so many parts for so many women. Or there were only so many parts for so many women. And most of those parts don’t go to women who look like Zoë, no matter how beautiful she is. 

But another reason for it is because, as she says, “I’m still doing lots of supporting parts, and I’m in no rush. I’m getting better, and I wasn’t ready to be working with the kind of people I’m working with now. So I’m happy with the pace of the ride.”

This is Show Your Work. Like, sure, sometimes you fake it until you make it. But sometimes, you know when you’re at a certain level or whether or not you still have a few levels to climb before you get there. I mean, obviously, someone like Zoë may have the luxury of taking the time to pace out the ride. The thing is, you only know it to look back. In the moment, you don’t understand that that’s “pacing”. You just want to f-cking get going. 

Over the last few years, we’ve been talking a lot about the celebrity profile, about how it’s changed, about how it might even be dead. This profile of Zoë Kravitz in Rolling Stone does not contribute to that conversation. It’s everything you want in a celebrity profile. Her parents are quoted, extensively. She is willing to tell you about herself, about who she is, about her concerns, about her quirks. About her boyfriend. No, actually, her fiancé, Karl Glusman. 

They are engaged. 

Well. Excuse me. I’m going to take a moment to brag now. Because I feel like I was the only one obsessed with them and I was obsessed EARLY. I felt it, OK? And now they’re getting married. And I’m even more obsessed. With them. But, of course, mostly with her. 
You will be too if you weren’t already after you read this article.