Originally this post was going to be about Zoe Kravitz’s left hand at the Big Little Lies 2 premiere Wednesday night in New York. That dress is amazing on her, because of the big bow/ruffle jutting out the side. And she posed with her hand behind it. And since news broke last week that she and Karl Glusman got married in secret ahead of a more traditional wedding in June, of course I was thinking about a ring. 

In most of the shots of Zoe on the red carpet, the hand is concealed. But there’s this shot of her at the after-party hugging Chloe Coleman and the hand is clearly visible, there’s a ring on it, but it’s not clear whether or not that’s a wedding band. So, basically, we are nowhere and the initial point of the post just disappeared. 


Let’s focus on the show. I loved Big Little Lies, but one of the weaker parts of the story was that Bonnie, Zoe’s character, wasn’t as fleshed out as the others. That’s also, apparently, one of the reasons they decided to come back for seconds. Zoe confirmed at the premiere that we’re getting a lot more about Bonnie in season two.


OF COURSE her family doesn’t pump her for spoilers. Think about her family: Lenny Kravitz, Jason Momoa, and the woman who invented and then reinvented cool, Lisa Bonet. Lisa Bonet has no f-cks to give about spoilers. We’re the thirsty basics mining out here looking for the spoilers. Why would Lisa Bonet and Lenny and Jason be anything like us?